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Katarzyna Bonda

ZYGMUNT MIŁOSZEWSKI: “Remember this name: Katarzyna Bonda has just become the queen of Polish crime fiction.”
Winter 1993. A teenage brother and sister die on the same day in unclear circumstances. The police classify both deaths as tragic, yet unconnected accidents.

Easter 2013. After seven years of working at the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology, Sasza Załuska returns to the Polish coast. The profiler is contacted by Paweł “Buli” Bławicki, owner of a music club in Sopot. He suspects that his partner – a former singer and author of the hit single Girl at Midnight – wants to kill him. Załuska is to provide him with evidence. The profiler reluctantly accepts the case. Yet when a shooting takes place, Załuska is forced to take up the challenge. It soon transpires that the murder at the club is related to the events from 1993, and the deceased knew who was guilty of the siblings’ death. One of the keys to solve the puzzle may be hidden in the lyrics of the old song.

High Calibre Readers Award 2015
Rose Award of “Gala” Magazine 2014

Russian edition – cover of the Russian edition

Title: Pochłaniacz (Girl at Midnight)
Series: The four elements of Sasza Załuska – AIR
Publisher: MUZA SA
First publication date: 21.05.2014
Number of pages: 672


Katarzyna Bonda

Sasza Załuska decides to return to the force. However, before that, she pays a visit to Hajnówka, a picturesque town in the north-east corner of Poland, to sort out her personal life once and for all. The profiler takes part in a traditional Belarusian wedding and becomes a witness of dramatic events that unfold. The kidnapped bride is yet another woman associated with a local entrepreneur to disappear without a trace. In the meantime, human remains continuously crop up in the surrounding forests. Each of these unsolved cases features a car – a white E-class Mercedes. The dark secrets of the inhabitants of the town, strongly related to the past, are also unveiled. In 1946, a group led by one of the “Cursed Soldiers” – Romuald Rajs “Bury” – orchestrated a pogrom of Orthodox villages in this part of the country. Sasza sees the idyllic town change into an arena of settling bloody scores, during which Polish-Belarusian antagonisms come flooding back.

Empik Bestseller Award 2015
Special Mention of the Chief of the Police Academy in Piła 2015

Series: The four elements of Sasza Załuska – EARTH
Publisher:  MUZA SA
First publication date: 15.05.2015
Number of pages: 848


Katarzyna Bonda

Third out of four books on the talented profiler Sasza Załuska. Subsequent psychological portraits of criminals lead her, step by step, to discover a dark secret from her own past.
In hypnotising Łódź – a city bound to leave an indelible mark on anyone who has ever set foot in it – Sasza Załuska will have to face a mad arsonist.
After Girl at Midnight and The White Mercedes, Lanterns is another part of the bestselling series The four elements of Sasza Załuska.

Series: The four elements of Sasza Załuska – FIRE
Publisher: MUZA SA
First publication date: 28.09.2016
Number of pages: 640


Katarzyna Bonda

‘Everything has its end’
The Red Spider is the last of four books on criminal profiler Sasza Załuska. The series finale features all of the most important figures from Załuska’s past, including her old friends and greatest foes. To save her daughter’s life, Sasza is ready to collaborate with mafiosos, spies and politicians – up to a point. As past riddles are solved one by one, the spider’s web entangling Sasza begins to break. Her story will come to a surprising end.
Series: The four elements of Sasza Załuska – WATER
Publisher: MUZA SA
First publication date: 23.05.2018
Reads: Agata Kulesza


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