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Love heals wounds

Katarzyna Bonda
A novel based on a true story

„Love heals wounds” is a multi-layered, mysterious and puzzling story of love and crime, struggle and hope. The novel is constructed around two separate time planes and numerous threads, connected by a love story between a Polish woman and a runaway from Kazakhstan. It is based on a true story – the characters have their counterparts in real life. Katarzyna Bonda began to collect materials for this book almost two decades ago. Initially, she wanted to publish it even before her best-selling tetralogy „The Four Elements of Sasza Zaluska”, but some people tried to prevent it. The safety of her family was threatened and Bonda herself was harrassed and bullied. However, she did not give up; after several years, she resumed the topic and the novel „Miłość leczy rany” was finally written.

Love Makes Us Good

Katarzyna Bonda

The evil they commit is little different from bloody crimes. It causes suffering and irrevocably destroys people’s lives. However, there is something intriguing about frauds… A mysterious quality that attracts us like a magnet. That is why Katarzyna Bonda decided to write a novel about a ruthless, but brilliant fraud – Daniel Skalski.

The court records concerning one of the greatest frauds of the Third Polish Republic comprise more than one hundred and twenty volumes. I have read every sheet of them. Working with the collected material was very painful – it felt like communing with the devil. That is why I decided to create my character on the basis of the devil archetype – this is how the most popular author of crime stories in Poland recollects working on her latest book Love Makes Us Good.

The protagonist of the novel, Daniel Skalski, quickly becomes aware that a legitimate job will not provide him with the means to lead the luxurious life he dreams of. In the pursuit of an easy income, he becomes a criminal. The first opportunity to gain a fortune crosses his path when he meets Gabrysia – a bank clerk who cannot resist his charm. It is she who teaches him the weak points of securities hedging.

At first, Skalski robs the representatives of trading companies in Poland; after that he starts operating on an international scale, handling millions of dollars. He moves to London, where he consistently builds his name as a financier and broker of hedge funds. Now his life is just lies and plotting. Some lives will be destroyed…

The second part of the „Faith. Hope. Love” crime trilogy.

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