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The Writing Machine

Katarzyna Bonda

Writing, like all jobs, can be learned. The creative writing course prepared by Katarzyna Bonda, the queen of Polish crime writing, will provide novice writers with tools to help them put their ideas into words in a confident, conscious and constantly improving manner. Bonda explains the structure of a novel and accessibly lays out the theory of constructing literary texts. She also assists future writers in discovering their strong points, opens them to a different perception of the world, teaches them self-discipline and explains where to look for subjects and ideas.

‘Yes, I teach people to write. I like to share my knowledge and help novice writers overcome some popular errors. Of course I don’t mean to taunt anyone, since all writers are literary wannabes to an extent. I do not write instead of my pupils, I do not edit, I do not impose my view of the world upon them. I merely try to help in their “literary births”, like a midwife of sorts. Writing books is not like poetry, where the kiss of the Muse inspires the author to write verse, and illumination is more precious than technique. Writing books is hard, even physical labour. In order to write several hundred pages of a novel, you need a really tough bottom end of the spine, and at the same time you have to remain an artist. I believe that literature – rather than film, as comrade Lenin led us to believe – is the queen of the arts. Even though I saw no sense in it before, I would boycott, ridicule and mock – I want to take it all back now, and say that writing may, and even should be learned!’
Katarzyna Bonda

Publisher: MUZA SA
First publication date: 04.02.2015
Number of pages: 320


Katarzyna Bonda

Katarzyna Bonda believes that writing is something you can learn. And she knows what she’s talking about, because apart from being a best-selling author, she’s been teaching others to write for years. At least once in a while, every one of us faces the challenge of expressing our thoughts and feelings, describing an event or communicating something important as best we can. This publication will come in handy in all of the above situations. Planner is packed with tips & tricks, exercises, and motivating thoughts. There is also plenty of space for you to make notes. It was built so as to improve your writing skills in a planned and consistent manner, but also help you better understand just how meaningful the art of using words is in our lives. Writing is a means of self-improvement. It teaches openness. It’s worthwhile to look at ourselves and find our own individual voice. “Thanks to writing, we get to live our desires twice, we’re closer to our dreams, and we become familiar with difficult emotions. We organize a community that experiences the world in a similar way. And we’re able to better understand those who have a different opinion to ours”.
Katarzyna Bonda
The Planner is based on Katarzyna Bonda’s Maszyna do pisania (The writing machine) and is its reworked version.
Publisher: Eurograf BIS
Number of pages: 176


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