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Once Upon a Crime

Katarzyna Bonda

True crimes. Real killers. Actual criminal investigations.

Latest edition of the best-selling series Opowiem ci o zbrodni (Unce upon a crime). Short stories based on genuine criminal cases, which will be discussed in the hugely popular programme of the same title on Crime+Investigation Polsat.

Nine top crime authors in seven unique episodes.

Authors: Katarzyna Bonda, Bogdan Lach, Wojciech Chmielarz, Max Czornyj, Robert Małecki, Joanna Opiat-Bojarska, Igor Brejdygant, Małgorzata Koźmińska, Michał Koźmiński
Publisher: Skarpa Warszawska
First publication date: 12.11.2020
Number of pages: 172

Once Upon a Crime (1)

Poland’s most famous crime authors – Katarzyna Bonda, Igor Brejdygant, Wojciech Chmielarz, Marta Guzowska, Małgorzata and Michał Kuźmiński, and Katarzyna Puzyńska – have chosen six true crimes that shook Poland. The book was adapted into a TV programme narrated by the writers.
Six tragedies and six attempts at understanding their underlying causes. Each of the authors analysed the circumstances of the crimes – by examining court files or talking to profilers, pathologists, psychologists, and criminologists – and then described the selected story. All of them did it in their own trademark way, in a language to which they accustomed their readers. As a result, we get six different points of view and six various ways of tackling the subject.

Authors: Katarzyna Bonda, Igor Brejdygant, Wojciech Chmielarz, Marta Guzowska, Małgorzata i Michał Kuźmińscy, Katarzyna Puzyńska
Publisher: Kompania Mediowa
First publication date: 18.12.2018
Number of pages: 157


Katarzyna Bonda

What you have in your hands is a unique book, written by and for those who are No Stranger to openness to others and who are ready to help those who have lost their place on earth. We believe that by giving this book as a gift, we can also pass on the gift of goodness, openness and strength. By buying and reading this book, you contribute to providing aid to victims of the armed conflict in Syria, where the Polish Humanitarian Action has been active since 2013, providing water, food, medication and sanitary products to civilians in need. Because of you, we can continue and develop these actions.
Thank you!
Polish Humanitarian ActionWe need strangers just as much as they need us, even if it seems otherwise. Only by confronting ourselves with them can we truly and genuinely discover our true self. Who we are and who we want to be, what lies in our core and what is merely a passing affliction. Here are 21 stories penned by Polish authors and journalists, created for us to not be scared. And to understand that by helping others, we are in fact helping ourselves.
Paweł Goźliński, Książki. Magazyn do Czytania
Jerzy Wójcik, Gazeta Wyborcza
She was walking from one ice floe to another, and barely avoided drowning in the icy water near the shore. I still don’t know why nobody shot at her from the garrison. Maybe they got drunk, or maybe they were scared of such a strange figure. By the time she reached us, she was exhausted and dirty. Like the children: a fearful flock, blue with cold and hunger. Later on, upon seeing what happened, the men from the garrison came immediately, asking for the strangers to be turned in and killed – after all, this is the law of the Frontier: no-one from the other shore is allowed to come here.
Olga Tokarczuk, Frontier

Authors: Joanna Bator, Jan Bajtlik, Katarzyna Bonda, Halina Bortnowska, Sylwia Chutnik, Joanna Fabicka, Paweł Huelle, Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas, Ignacy Karpowicz, Hanna Krall, Jarosław Mikołajewski, Łukasz Orbitowski, Magdalena Parys, Małgorzata Rejmer, Paweł Smoleński, Olga Stanisławska, Andrzej Stasiuk, Dionisios Sturis, Ziemowit Szczerek, Małgorzata Szejnert, Katarzyna Szyngiera, Olga Tokarczuk, Mirosław Wlekły

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Authors: collective work
Publisher: Association of Friends of the Polish Humanitarian Action
Place and date of publication: Warsaw, December 2015
Number of pages: 224


Katarzyna Bonda
Edward, or paint me a friendship

Can you make friends… with a drawing? And go on extraordinary adventures with it? Yes, if you have the sensitivity of a child and readiness to accept things at face value. Then even a sketched boy can turn into a true friend, the seemingly unusual relationship can evolve into a strong bond, and everything will become possible and probable – entering the world of a book, a journey into space, overcoming one’s fears and understanding the attitudes and limitations of others.
The title Edward is a boy drawn by a child on the wall behind a wardrobe – in secret from the child’s parents, who do not tolerate such “scribbles”. Edward spends all his time there, until one day he falls off the wall and comes to life. Coincidence has it that on the same day he meets 10-year-old Mark, and their soon-to-be friendship begins.
This story is not just a record of unique events that happen to both protagonists – it’s also an insightful look at the world of adults, an interesting observation of collective behaviours and typical reactions resulting from assuming a specific role. Edward manages to capture and show this moment when children – though still children – are already aware of the adult world, and have a critical view of it, while their attitudes take shape. If they manage to remember what feelings accompanied them during the most important events of their childhood, chances are they are going to retain their sensitivity in their adult life too. This is also a story about the importance of understanding and acceptance, about how different circumstances, events and the adopted mindset may translate into various attitudes, how ordinariness may turn into something exceptional, even heroic. All that is recounted in a natural, light-hearted manner, without even a trace of off-putting didacticism.
This unusual, engrossing and funny story about the friendship between Edward – a drawing – and Mark – a boy from the real world – is the effect of creative effort jointly undertaken by well-known and acclaimed authors of plays, scripts and books for children and adults. All of them, in their own unique style, basing on their own sensitivity and imagination, managed to create a coherent and dynamic story about the birth of friendship, full of adventures and unexpected twists of the plot.
Review: Anna Stasiak
Everyone knows that old wardrobes are a source of adventures, suffice to look at them with the inquisitive eyes of a child. This time, though, the wardrobe is hiding something much more important: a friend. His name is Edward and even though he is not an ordinary boy and few would believe that he exists – he is real. You’ll find out about it as soon as you open this book.
Edward is a truly unique proposition. A group of top writers have come together to create something entirely out of the ordinary. Each chapter was written by a subsequent author, in his or her distinct style. This diversity brought about an instructive story, which transports the reader into the world of children’s fantasies. Nine writers created the narrative, which is additionally enlivened by Jaśmina Parkita’s illustrations. The world has not yet read anything of the kind!
Authors: Katarzyna Bonda, Sylwia Chutnik, Julia Holewińska, Kamil Niewiński, Daniel Odija, Malina Prześluga, Piotr Rowicki, Przemysław Rozenek, Maria Wojtyszko
Illustrations: Jaśmina Parkita
Publisher: Tashka
First publication date:
Number of pages: 84

Text: TASHKA publishing house
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